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Marvin Prune is a golden ticket finder in Willy Wonka's factory.

Personality Edit

Marvin is described as 'a conceited boy' by Roald Dahl in a 'children intro' manuscript page Roald Dahl kept, part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory''s third draft.


A (Literally) Missing Child Edit

In 1972, Roald Dahl sent Marvin Prune's exit to The Horn Book Magazine, hoping they would publish it as a 'missing chapter...'. Instead, the magazine printed a work by Elanor Cameron, which almost seemed like an assault on Roald himself, many fans say. Roald never got the chapter back, and its been missing ever since.

Family (Presumed)Edit

Marvin's family is probably made up of himself and his parents, among others.

DeviantArt RecreationEdit

You can find a fan-made version of Marvin's exit at [1], made by a creator called Jimmy-C-Lombardo.

Marvin prune and the perry plum faeries by jimmy c lombardo-d72rfq3

Jimmy's illustration of Marvin's exit.


1. See DeviantArt link

2. Inside Charlie's Chocolate Factory, By Lucy Mangan, published by Penguin Books.

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