The Frightening Boat Ride

Panic all around

This is an extract from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: when Willy Wonka takes the Buckets, the Beauregardes, the Salts and the Teavees on a boat ride in the Wonkatania and they go in the tunnel, things are really freaky there, so here are about 7 holographic images that scare these families:
  1. A hermit crab
  2. A wormlike leech crawling over the man's face
  3. A closeup of a brown human eye
  4. A white chicken getting decapitated
  5. Arthur Slugworth
  6. A chameleon eating an unseen bug
  7. A common crab

I also remember that Mike Teavee would defend his mom with a pistol as if he felt a dangerous-looking image would get him.