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Violet has so much swag tbh

Violet Beauregarde is a little bitch from the Roald Dahl novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the subsequent film adaptations. She is the third winner of the Golden Ticket, and the second child to meet her doom at Will Wonk's factory. She is seen as both competitive and rude to both kids and adults alike always interrupting and pushing others aside, because she is a bitch.


In each version, Violet Beauregarde is the third of the five children to find one of Willy Wonka's exclusive Golden Tickets, the second of two girls to win a Golden Ticket, as well as the second to be kicked off the tour due to disobedience of Wonka's orders. She exhibits a more competitive spirit than the five other ticket winners, particularly in the 2005 movie, in which her ambitious behavior is greatly expanded to include her participation in sports and martial arts. Violet is also a notoriously relentless and competitive gum chewer, though she temporarily curbed her habit in order to focus Wonka Bars and search for the ticket. Most versions have Violet calling her mother simply  "Fartface", out of arrogance or pride depending on which version you're into, but according to the play, she calls her mother "Mom" instead. Violet just ignored Mr Willy Wonka, so she is very much a rude lil taco truck. In the book she is called Mr Violet Beauregarde and is mostly called a dude in spite of her serious gas. so she can be assumed to be the oldest of the children.

Violet in the novel, being skrillexEdit

Violet is described in the original novel as a "great big mop" and as someone who talks "like a flushing toilet." Like Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, and Mike Teavee her nationality is not mentioned (she hails from loompaland in the films). Both her parents accompany her to the factory. During her press interview she talks more about her gum-chewing habit than the ticket. However, she does show off the ticket, described as "waving it around as if she was attempting to flag down a taxicab", and says that when she learned of the Golden Ticket contest, she put a moratorium on her gum-chewing, buying Wonka bars instead as a means to test herself. 

She is depicted from illustrator to illustrator wearing jeans and a T-shirt, as SHE IS OBESE. She loves gum, although more to see how long she can chew it than to enjoy its flavor or to freshen breath. She claims to be a gum-chewing champion and that she had worked on one wad of gum for three consecutive months, sticking it to her bedknob while asleep and behind her ear while eating. What a self centered jerk.

Violet is FATEdit

In the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Violet was depicted as a preteen girl from Hannah Montana, and was played by Denise Nickerson and was a girly girly girly girly girly girly girl. Her father, Sam Beauregarde, is a "prominent" local politician, civic leader and a used car salesman who uses Violet's television interview for free advertising of his car dealership. Violet uses her television interview to demean Cornelia Prinzmetel far more than she does in the novel. There is no interaction between Violet and Veruca Salt (or unused character Miranda Piker) in the novel, but in the film, the girls are seen pushing and shoving each other when walking down the Chocolate Room stairs. Violet thinks Veruca is stupid and annoying, calling her a nit in the 1971 film when she begs her father for an Oompa Loompa and also calls her a twit when Veruca says she (Violet) got two everlasting gobstoppers. She likes "it" words, as we can tell she is not really the brightest bulb in the box. Like Mike Teavee, Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt, Violet got along fairly well with Charlie. She seems less rude in this film than in the 2005 film and, as the Oompa Loompas say in her departure song, she just needs to improve on her manners. 

Violets mama, deeply terrifying

In the 2005 film adaption, Violet (played by Annasophia Robb) is again a preteen but is now a stretchy, but her hometown has been changed to Fruit by the Foot. However, unlike the novel and 1971 film, she is mean to everyone who is even in the film, even Charlie's mom, and they haven't even met! (more than Augustus was), and goes so far as to call everyone a "fat wad of hot pockets". She and Veruca also don't seem to get along, despite the two of them agreeing to be 'best friends'. The two glance at each other in a way that implies dammmmn theres gon' be a showdown. When Violet inflates into a blueberry, Veruca is shown smirking, showing she has a serious inflation fetish. Violet isn't best friends with Veruca in the 2005 film.Well, obviously. If you didn't catch on you are very dumb.

She is vicious.

Violet in the musical  In the 2013 Sam Mendes London musical, Violet Beauregarde is, instead of being portrayed as white, portrayed as an African-American, Californian fame-hungry wannabe, with her agent/father Eugene Beauregarde parlaying her mundane talent of gum chewing into celebrity status, with multitude of endorsements including her own TV show, line of perfume, and a clothing boutique. In other words, she is just as wealthy as Veruca Salt. Her theme is called "The Double-Bubble Duchess". Violet and her father are escorted by an entourage to the factory entrance. Violet comes to the factory dressed in a sparkly purple and pink disco jumper and a pink backpack. She's not even violet at this point.

Violet in the video games  Edit

In the 1985 video game based off of the book, a level involves the avoiding of blueberries thrown by Violet. SHE IS CAUSING AN AVALANCE THE BIG JERK, SHE WANTS TO MOW YOU DOWN TO BE THE BEST. The 2005 film's game requires Charlie to escort Violet (by rolling her around) to the Juicing Room, where he must take her to Wonka's juicer to squeeze her back to normal. Violet seems much slimmer than in the movie and her blueberry form is much smaller and similar to the 1971 movie. Lol the game doesn't want you getting all " attracted ". Go back to deviantart.

Violet's endgame  Edit

In the 1971 version (original), Violet blows up when she eats the gum, and a belt that blocks some of the swelling. Once the belt pops off, her mid-section is instantly filled with juice. we gets really big and fat from all that mcdonalds and pizza hut. She farts five times killing each of the people instantaniously. Edit

In the 2005 version (remake), Violet grows more than just a few centimeters, instead swelling to a much higher rate than the novel, almost reaching the Inventing Room's catwalks at three meters. Once she is in her finished blueberry form, Violet's head, feet, and hands are sucked into her. Her mother does not seem to care about this predicament happening to Violet herself, but that her daughter can no longer compete, and asks Wonka about the subject. Veruca responds, "You could put her in a county fair," and by the look on her face, Scarlett is considering the idea.   Edit

Violet bouregarde

VIolet been bulking hard af

She is also seen exiting the factory with her mother after the tour. She has been deflated back to normal size, but rather than just walking, she somersaults, cartwheels and backflips down the stairs and the front walk, apparently becoming more flexible (implying that the swelling must have stretched her body out) and her skin, hair and clothes are now a seemingly-permanent shade of indigo. She is actually pleased with her new pliability, and judging by her tone of voice in her last line ("Look Mother, I'm much more flexible now!") she still just as egotistical and mean as she was before. However, her mother is very angry with her daughter for disobeying Wonka's orders (and embarrassed that she encouraged Violet to do so), and judging by the look on her face and the tone of her voice in her final line ("Yes, but you're blue."), she is fed up with coaching her daughter and treating her like an overconfident athlete, her exceeding pride in her entirely gone. In the novel, Violet ends up with purple skin but there is no mention of increased dexterity.

She always wanted fame now she bound to explode

Violet Beauregarde the worlds first human blueberry

In the Sam Mendes musical Violet meets a far stickier end.

After the group enters Wonka's Inventing Room, Violet proclaims that Wonka's Everlasting Gobstopper "sucks" and that she wants to chew. Wonka Produces a sample of one of his latest inventions, Gastromolecular Unicellulose Mouthmosh (AKA G.U.M.), which contains all of the flavoring sensations of a full three-course dinner from 1979. Unable to resist, Violet pops the strip of gum in her mouth and begins to chew.

She tastes such flavors as tomato soup, roast chicken, potatoes and gravy, fizzy orange, and cheese and crackers. All the while, Wonka warns Violet that the gum is not ready yet and that she must spit it out before it gets to the pudding. Violet does not listen and reaches the pudding....Blueberry Pie.

At that moment, Violet begins to swell and puff up. Her hips and backside begin to inflate, and she begins to bulge out all over. Her skin also begins to turn purple. She and father begin to panic, and Wonka states that there is an excess of fructose in Violet's fluid sacks and that she is quite literally turning into a blueberry.

Immediately the Oompa-Loompas break out into a disco-tech, 1970's dance Anthem. They appropriately name Violet, "Juicy!" and begin to sing about how she is the biggest and grandest celebrity of all time, and that she is bound to go out with a bang when her fifteen minutes of fame are up. As the Oompa-Loompas sing and dance, Violet waddles behind a mixing vat, and is soon lifted high above the Inventing Room as a round, swollen blueberry with two blue hands, blue feet, and a blue head sticking out. Lights are then shined on her  causing her to resemble a giant purple disco-ball.  Mr. Beauregarde shows no concern for his daughter, only really caring about how it would effect his profit with such lines as "I can't put a blueberry on the cover of Vogue" after seeing his daughters new body he proclaims she is "huge" and "beautiful" and phones his lawyer excitedly, with intent to profit from Violet's new size by having her on the cover of fruit monthly until Violet explodes in shower of glitter and blueberry goo. Wonka's only reassurance of her survival is the prospect of rescuing the pieces and de-juicing them before she starts to ferment. Her final fate remains unknown but it is heavily implied that she met her end in the inventing room.

The filmmakers of the 1971 adaptation simulated the blueberry scene by inflating Nickerson in a rubber suit and composed her outline in two halves of a styrofoam ball, and it took 45 minutes to get her into costume. Nickerson was unable to go to lunch during rehearsals; instead she was rolled around on set every five minutes to keep blood circulating. Nickerson recalls that Julie Dawn Cole, who played Veruca, saw her as the "cool American girl", but "when she saw [Nickerson] as a big purple ball, [Nickerson] was completely embarassed." In the 2005 version, at the request of director Tim Burton, the filmmakers combined real footage of Robb with digital effects in order to increase the overall size of the blueberry rather than just the width (as depicted inthe novel), as well as for the scene of Violet and her mother leaving the factory. In the London Musical version, a button on her blue backpack is pressed to make her inflate and she runs around, and is put in a huge metal disco ball for her body.

Violet does not appear in the sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, along with Augustus, Veruca, and Mike, but is briefly mentioned by Charlie, the only "bad child" to be remembered in the departure novel. Wonka is talking about his new formula, "Wonka-Vite" and invites his grandparents to try it, but Charlie recalls "Are you sure? Remember the gum you gave to Violet Beauregard?" Willy Wonka retorts that he did not "give" her the gum, all gifts from him carry his guarantee and he did not give away a product that he still needed to test out, rather she stole it from him despite his orders not to.


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Violet Beauregarde SPACE JAM.Edit

The original song in the novel goes like "COME ON AND SLAM WELCOME TO THE JAM"


fat mean jelly bean.


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